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Education is a True Gift, Let's help children in difficulty access it.

What is TheGift project?

Is the Uniform-Giving project under Baraco Foundation to children who can't afford them!

Through this project, Baraco Foundation simply aims to enhance access to high quality education amongst children regardless of their socio-economic background by giving-out school uniforms to children who can't afford them.

We call it TheGift because we believe that access to Eductaion is a true Gift for children.

what we give?

We only give uniforms and other school supplies produced from the V-camp Tailoring Group. Meaning that all the uniforms we give are produced and made by local youth from our Camps of entrepreneurship.

from where?

All uniforms are produced from the Tailoring Group of Baraco Foundation under the V-camps project. Meaning that, all the designs and productions are made by local youth of Baraco Foundation based in Dar e salaam.

who supports us?

Anyone can support us in various ways. One can donate a used sewing machine and one can donate cents, once combined, our volunteers will be able to make a uniform for children who can't afford them.

How the project works...

It all starts by someone wishing to support a child but he/she don't see where to start. A fellow will fill-out a uniform-request form found found below requesting uniforms for a child in need to access school education.
Who is a fellow?
A fellow is any person wishing to support and connect children in need to TheGift project so that all children can have equal access to education regardless of their background by ensuring that they got school uniforms to attend school.
All requests are verified by our ambassadors in their regions or districts and perhaps their wards. Verification process is meant to check the validity of the requests from fellows, and simply to check if the requests meet our eligibility criteria.
Verification process may involve visiting a child or children, video call, audio call and official documentation verification.
All requests are approved for processing by the Project coordinator after passing the verification step.
An e-mail or phone call will be made to a fellow notifying that the request has been approved for processing.
After approval, an order is made and sent to the V-camp Tailoring Group for processing by the project coordinator. Once processed, an ambassador will notify a fellow that the uniforms are ready for delivery.
There're Two of ways of Uniforms delivery;
Ambassadors Delivery
Our ambassadors helps us deliver the uniforms boxes to children who can't afford them for free.
Here, a box is sent via buses and received by our ambassadors in there regions for delivery.

A transportation cost rated 5,000/- maybe charged from  a fellow to cover transportation cost from Dar es salaam if needed.

Volunteer Delivery

Anyone traveling to our request-match can volunteer to deliver the uniforms to a child in need.

In this case, both a fellow will work on finding someone from Dar es salaam planning to travel to deliver the uniforms either to the ambassador or a child in need directly.
Request Uniforms for A child in need

Fill-out the google form below to request school uniforms for a child in need.

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Buy school Uniforms

Our Tailoring Camp produces high quality uniforms for school needs. Buying from Us is an easiest way of supporting Us.

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Match a Child in need with Uniform gift

We receive more requests than we can serve. you can buy uniforms for a child in need and our ambassadors will deliver.

find-out children in our waiting list
Apply to become an ambassador

Help transform education of children in difficulty in your community by delivering school uniforms from Baraco Foundation to children in need.

Become a Children Ambassador
Volunteer to deliver school Uniforms

Do you plan to travel from Dar es salaam to any region within Tanzania in a few coming days? Help us deliver uniform gifts to our ambassadors or children in need directly.

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