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Baraco Foundation creates opportunities for undeserved youth and children in their local communities through small and locally done initiatives which at the end can turn a boy or a girl to become self-dependent and productive citizen.
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We're Youth-led Organization working towards achieving UN SDGs!

Baraco Foundation is a youth-led and serving organization based in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

The work we do at Baraco Foundation aims to provide a holistic approach towards solving the biggest social challenges facing local communities while putting  young people in front in achieving global sustainable goals..

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Our Focus Areas


Education is the difference between Poverty and Plenty; It's a different between failure and success. Baraco Foundation works to enhance access of better and quality education amongst undeserved children and communities by believing that education is a social requisite for socio-economic change.

Girls and Women

Some cultural malpractices and norms affects development of girls and women leaving them in extreme poverty. Baraco foundation works to diminish such cultural norms and believes including child marriage and female circumcision. Also, Baraco foundation works to empower undeserved girls and women through income generating programs such as tailoring and computer training.

Community empowerment

Access to safe drinking water, medical treatment and information is still challenging in most parts of Tanzania. Furthermore, most communities are not able to respond towards emergency threats like Covid-19. Baraco Foundation works in grassroots community level to empower local communities with resources for self-sustainable manner.

Our Impacts

We put smile on girls' faces by making child marriage a story!

Child marriage is an obstacle for girls' development and future!

500+ young girls have been reached with sexual and reproductive health and rights education through our ending child marriage campaign!

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What we believe!

Talent is something special given by God. Everyone has its own talent and if time and resources are well invested in talents, it can really transform someone's life especially undeserved youth and children.

At Baraco Foundation we believe that for true and long lasting change, everyone should participate on his/her own development. In every of our programs, targeted groups should surely participate.

Young people and children needs motivation to be inspired towards a better future!

How You Can Help…

Our works are supported by well-wishers like you! Indeed, you can  be a part of our game changing process!

Please, consider supporting us by writing a cheque payable to Baraco Foundation and mail it to our postal address found below in this page; this support helps provide resources where are needed most1

Or consider supporting a specific program below;

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Our Supporting Partners

We are very gratefully and thankfully to these amazing partners of us who we have worked and/or keep working with them.

About GYM
Global Youth Mobilization is based in California, USA. GYM supports youth-led solutions towards Covid-19 response, recovery and resilience initiatives. GYM supports our "Covid-19 response and awareness creation project".
peace first logo

About Peace First
Peace First is based in Boston, USA. It works to support young changemakers through their digital platform where young people starts their own projects to solve injustices in their communities. Peace First supports our ending child marriage initiative in rural Mbozi, Tanzania.
diversity dialogue
About Diversity dialogue
These are friends of us from India. They're are focused on teaching young children the concept of diversity through countering hate speech, Understanding peace and Conflict resolution workshops.
About KidsRights
KidsRights works to support children and young people working towards children's rights through its youngchangemakers program. KidsRights supports our ending child marriage initiatives in rural Mbozi, Tanzania.
Logo, three colors, 2019, Aharoni (1)
About Connection Ubuntu
CU provides computer labs for Africans. They provide computers for free. CU  are supporting our ICT efforts at Nambinzo village by providing us with computers for training youth the IT skills for job and school.