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Children leading fight against Climate Change

Imagine what our world will look like if every child could plant and grow his/her own tree!

ChildPlant is a project designed by young people of Baraco foundation aiming to equip and engage young children in climatic actions by planting trees!

The best time to plant trees was thousand years ago, but the only best time we have remained with it to do so is now.
- Unknown

What we do

Baraco Foundation purchases seed trees and distributes them to young children in their schools for planting.

Children plants and grows these seed trees in their school or home compounds by the support of scouts and BF youth.

After every three 03 months ChildPlant program manager visits every planted tree for monitoring and evaluation.


Since its inception, 200 children have been reached with ChildPlant program hence 200 trees have been planted.

The need

Seed trees are purchased locally at Tsh500 - Tsh1000 each. A $10 support can purchase 30 seed trees for children.

You can help

Help us reach more children in schools with ChildPlant program by donating as litle as you can so that to help purchase more seed trees.

Please, consider supporting ChildPlant program here.